Centralisation of Hydropower Plant generation data

15/mar/2018 Sharing

ESEPSA, Energía y Servicios Panamá. Republic of Panama.

$htmlUtil.escape(alt_image) Centralisation of Hydropower Plant generation data

Our engineering firm was awarded the contract for the remote data monitoring project at three hydropower plants owned by ESEPSA, a company in the Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) Group in Panama.

The purpose of the project is to develop and start up a system that enables real-time monitoring of the operational status of power plants located in Panama from different sites around the world, such as the National Dispatch Centre (CND Panama), CESOM in Spain, the Generation Control Centre in Dolega, as well as the various designated portable pieces of equipment.

To do so, new signals will come online, to be implemented in the SCADA at the generation plants, including enhancement and creation of their respective mimics, metering elements and the installation of OPC servers to enable centralized processing of critical data at the power plants and for communication.

This project will affect the Dolega Control Centre (CCG) and the hydroelectric power plants at Dolega, Macho de Monte and Los Algarrobos, all belonging to ESEPSA and located in the province of Chiriquí, Republic of Panama, with an installed power of 16Mw.