Desing and devolopment of the AES-RODS System

05/nov/2017 Sharing


$htmlUtil.escape(alt_image) Desing and devolopment of the AES-RODS System

CTAI Ingeniería, in a consortium with IMASA Ingeniería y Proyectos, both Asturias-based companies, join forces for a common project.

The project is the "Design and Development of the AES-RODS (Anti-slip Electronic System & Radar Obstacles Detection System) for Industrial Machines on Transport Rails and Freight Logistics". The purpose of this project is to develop an electronic-assisted driving control system for industrial machines that travel on rails.

To do so, the Consortium's goal will be to develop an electronic exchange that will manage these aids, as well a prototype machine to run the necessary trials. The purpose of the AES traction control system is to prevent the loss of traction due to slippage of the drive wheels.
The development of this project is identified within the framework of the 2004-2020 Regional Strategy for Smart Specialisation and has received a subsidy from the IDEPA to promote business innovation in the Principality.

The newspaper La Nueva España and the Quality Club of Asturias have reported this news, and their article on the alliances between different businesses in Asturias to promote innovation includes the CTAI Ingeniería-IMASA consortium.