Technical training plan for cellulose

03/ene/2017 Sharing

ENCE. Navia and Pontevedra Factories. Spain.

$htmlUtil.escape(alt_image) Technical training plan for cellulose

ENCE has undertaken a triennial training plan for technical staff at the cellulose production plants in Navia and Pontevedra. As part of this plan, they have entrusted our company with designing, preparing, developing, imparting and plan evaluation, including the following processes:

  • Lumber yard
  • Pulp dryer
  • Digestion, washing and whitening
  • Energy and recovery

Significant data:

  • Personnel to be trained:  238 operations people and 110 maintenance people.
  • Manual creation: 44 training manuals, with an average of 450 pages per manual.
  • Internal trainer guides: 88 internal trainer guides, with an average of 200 slides per guide.
  • Trade training: 38 courses equivalent to 608 hours of training.